Classic Lashes Vs Volume Lashes

We get asked this question literally everyday at the studio … Clients are forever trying to understand the best set of semi permanent eyelash extensions for them. Today I'm about to lay it all out on the table … So here goes, ***drum roll please*** CLASSIC LASHES or VOLUME LASHES?? Before I start I would like to say that every client/person is different. Different eye shapes, different natural lash lines etc. So for us as lash makers at THE LASH LOUNGE we make sure we create a set of lashes that suit each individual. Right.... So let me get started!

Classic lashes are just as the name suggests… Classic! They stand the test of time, literally always. They are personally my “go to” set of lashes and we usually recommend this to lash newbies. We always tell our clients, if in doubt do the classic lashes, because you can always infill with VOLUME lashes if you feel they don't provide the VA VA VOOM you are looking for. However we DO NOT recommend this for clients who have extremely sparse and fine lashes.

The Classic technique is literally 1:1 lashing, which is basically one single eyelash extension to one natural lash. This is great if you have a full set of natural lashes as it will give your lashes the mascara effect you desire . It takes a certain level of skill to apply classic lashes and your lash artist will spend most of the time isolating your natural lashes properly and using the correct amount of adhesive (lash glue) to ensure the eyelash extensions adhere to the natural lashes. Sounds complex right?? Well... when Classic lashing, your lash artist can only apply as many extensions as natural lashes. This can be disappointing for clients with gaps or sparse lashes. But no need to despair, thankfully VOLUME lashes are the saviour and do a great job at "volumizing" those natural lashes.

Russian Volume, Volume Lashes or "3D Glam" (as we like to call them in our studio) have taken the lash industry by storm. They have come to save the day and now ladies with sparse natural lashes can have the look they have always dreamed of. The lashes used for 3D Glam (volume lashes) are so fine and light, that we can use up to 6 extensions on healthy natural lashes to create a full and glamorous look. Your lash artist will use the same technique as she would if she was doing a classic set by isolating your lashes; but this time she will place 2-6 handmade fans on one of your natural lashes. So you can imagine how full this can be after all your eyelash extensions have been applied … Yipppeeee.

Is there an in between you ask?? LOL! Well yes.. we call this the HYBRID SET. This isn’t on our lash menu but it's a service that can be done by request.

So now the question is … are you looking for a natural set of lashes or are you the daring vixen that wants to add a bit of spice to her lash line. Both sets are elegant nonetheless, but the choice is yours.

At our studio we offer free consultations on all lash appointments. Your lash artist will discuss the style, length and shape of lashes best suited for you and your eye shape.

This is an example of a Classic Set of Lashes, they are elegant but not as dense as the volume lashes below. The lash thickness used was 0.15 C Curl, giving this client a natural mascara look.

Above is an example of 3D Glam Lashes, they are voluminous but do not over power the clients eye shape. The lash thickness used was 0.05 D Curl, giving this client a full and dramatic lash line.

Thank you for reading and I hope you found this post helpful.

Please leave your questions and comments below. What's your favourite lash set?

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