Welcome to the lash world where your lashline is dark and your lashes are fluffy. We decided to write a short post on how to maintain your lashes and keep them in tip top shape after your eyelash appointment.

Here are a few tips on how to keep your new "Lashationship" healthy

1. Keep 'em Clean!

This is the number one rule to healthy, long lasting lashes. Your lashes, both extensions and natural lashes collect environmental pollutants like dust, which can sit on your lash time. To keep your lashes clean; we recommend our Signature Lash & Brow Cleanser which is an oil free cleanser. Our cleanser is formulated with rich ingredients that are gentle on the eyes and also suitable for lash extensions.

How do you wash them?

- Keep one eye closed and the other open for visibility

-Apply cleanser to your Eyelash extension Cleaning brush

-Gently apply to the base of the lashes of the closed eye using downward strokes, softly sweeping across lash extensions

-Rinse with a small amount of clean water and dry gently with a clean towel.

-Repeat on the other eye


2. Say ByeBye to Mascara

Although some beauty salons recommend water based mascara, we recommend no mascara at all.

Why? Because mascara increases the build up of dirt, oils and debris on your lash extensions, which in turn reduces the longevity. This way, they are harder to maintain and keep clean. Less is more when wearing lash extensions, but if you would like more volume we suggest our 3D Glam (Russian Volume), rather than wearing mascara.

3. Use Oil Free Make up and Removers

Many make up products are rich in oils which clash with your eyelash extensions. The oils in the makeup removers break down the bond of the eyelash adhesive and causing poor retention. The solutions to this problem is choosing a water based make up product. They are great not only because they don't add excess oil to your skin, but they also leave your skin looking radiant and smooth.

4. Do not poke or pick on your eyes

Poking and picking your eyes is a no no! If an extension looks a little out of place, avoid tugging and twisting it. Rather, use a spoolie to brush it up and in to place. Avoid rough handling, pulling and rubbing your eyes.

5. Satin Pillowcase; Yes please!

Satin pillows are a great way to maintain your lash extensions. Rumor has it that the lashes on one side you sleep on the most fall off quicker than the other side you don't sleep on. The silk and smooth fabric reduces friction which keeps your lashes intact. Buy a satin pillowcase and thank us later.

6. Schedule an Infill

For full lashes every month all year round, schedule an infill every 2 to 3 weeks. This is one of the most important part of your lash care.

Why? Because, did you know;

At week 1, you will lose about 15 lashes

At week 2, you will lose about 30 lashes

At week 3, you will lose about 45 lashes

Eyelash extensions require infills to keep them looking as full and fresh as when you first got them done

Clean lashes, no mascara, no poking, water based make up only, satin pillowcases and religious infills; we can assure you it is not a lot of maintenance to have your eyelashes on fleek come rain or shine

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Lots of Lash Love x

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