Training days will be held by our Head Lash Artist, Creative Director and Owner of The Lash Lounge. She has over 6 years experience within the beauty industry, specialising in semi permanent eyelash extensions and eyebrow design. She has personally trained all the Lash Artists, Brow Specialists and Wax Therapists at The Lash Lounge. Including in the training package is unlimited ongoing support for all students, and a closed facebook group for students to interact and share tips and tricks. We are always at hand to get you to be the best Lash Artist you can be. 

Classic Lash Course – This course is designed for beginners and students who have no knowledge of eyelash extensions. We teach the traditional one to one eyelash extension application and the basic theory and anatomy of the eye. 

Volume Lash Course – This is an advanced course for students who have at least 6 months of on going experience and ready to take their career to another level. The Russian Volume Technique will be taught, along with a deeper understanding of lash mapping, styling, capping & stacking  

Straight to Volume Course – This course is for students with no knowledge of eyelash extensions, however the course will successfully teach you how to apply volume lash extensions with no previous experience required.  Straight to volume is a 3 day course as more focus will be placed on perfecting the basics of lashing combined with the volume techniques. 

Mentoring Sessions – Have you been on lash course before now but still don't have what it takes or the confidence with clients? Are you ready to take your lash game to a new level? This course is for students who have experience however need that extra help.


Course Costs


Classic Lash Training - N80,000 ( incl lash kit & mentoring)

Volume Lash Training - N120,000 (incl lash kit & mentoring) 

Straight to Volume -     N150,000 (incl lash kit & mentoring) 

The mentoring sessions are priced at N35,000 for 2 hours 

Overview of training days 

Day 1 

  9:00am - Indepth Theory and Introduction to Eyelash Artistry/ students Q&A session.

11:00am - Demonstrations and practicing on mannequin 

12:00pm - Short lunch break (refreshments provided)

12:30pm - Practice on live model 

4:00 pm - Conclusion Q&A

Day 2 

10:00am - Recap from the day before.

10:30am - Practice on live model 1 

12:30pm - Short lunch break (refreshments provided)

1:00pm - Practice on live model 

4:00 pm - Conclusion Q&A, Certificate Presentation




Isolating tweezers

Pick up tweezers

5ml adhesive

Gel pads

Micropore tape 

Mascara wands

2 Lash Trays